Cutture Halloween Mask available for download!

Today Cutture has been featured on this rather lovely blog A Subtle Revelry with wonderful photography by Sarah Gawler. If you pop on over there you can download your very own bit of Cutture for Halloween! The mask above is available for download and you can snip away until you heart’s content in creating this rather fabulous mask for Halloween….We recommend you use a craft scalpel if you have one, then you can cut away as much or as little as you like, but watch those fingers! It would also look fabulous printed onto a coloured card….


Please do e mail us some photo’s of you in your masks and we will pop our favourites up on the blog! Send all photos to




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  1. Awesome mask and awesome of you to share with everyone. I’ve been looking a various displays of masks for this years Halloween but haven’t seen anything as ‘elegant’ as what you’re showing. Thanks for post

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