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  • 29/06/16

Calligraphy classes at cutture

The art of penmanship

You may have heard on the instagram grapevine that we have played host to the hugely talented Judy Broad for her reputable calligraphy courses. Judy hosts a number of courses around the South and we were very pleased to offer our studio to her as a venue in early June.

We work with Judy on some projects where she provides exemplary calligraphy for our invitations and we thought we should get to know her better and ask a few questions as to how she got into the wonderful art of penmanship. For details on where and how to book the next calligraphy course here please follow this link.

Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture


How long have you been practicing the art of calligraphy?

I was introduced to calligraphy whilst at school many moons ago. My passion was reignited a few years ago when my niece was getting married and asked me to do her wedding calligraphy. I had forgotten how much I loved it and I have hardly put my calligraphy pen down since!

What sort of commissions do you have and do have you had a favourite to date?!

I have been lucky enough to work on so many different commissions. At the moment I am very busy with calligraphy for weddings which is always fun. Each wedding is different and I love working alongside brides and wedding planners to produce something personal and extra special for their wedding day.

I am not sure I have an out and out favourite commission to be honest!

I do love collaborating with other people in the industry on styled shoots and some corporate clients give me some unusual and different jobs to work on. Last Christmas I was asked to work at a company’s Christmas party. The venue had been transformed into an amazing wonderful winter wonderland and I spent a lovely few hours on my winter wonderland throne writing personalized Christmas messages !

Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture

How did the idea of teaching workshops come about?

I think I began to notice that there was a surge in popularity in calligraphy and that calligraphers in the States were running workshops and thought I would give it a go ! I love this side of my work. I get to meet some really lovely people and enjoy watching people progress throughout the workshop

Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture

Who do you have on your courses, do you have to be a ‘creative’?

I get so many different and wonderful people attending my workshops. From brides to wedding planners, from graphic designers to stationery lovers, from lawyers to hedgefund managers , from mums to dads  and to groups of friends all wanting to learn something new.

I believe we are all creative, it sometimes just needs coaxing out. Sometimes it is those you least expect that shine. The hedge fund manager was delighted with his progress and enjoyed doing something totally different from his day job . I was delighted to hear from him a few months later telling me he had just completed his wedding invitations

You have worked your magic on Cutture wedding invitations and day stationery in the past, a perfect match! How was it using Cutture’s studio as a venue for a workshop?

I did indeed . It was fabulous to hold a workshop at Cutture’s studio. You have a sign in the studio, saying “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”. The students and myself included were all inspired by the creativity around us and we all wished we could come back the next day!

When can we book the next one?

We are next back at Cutture on 9th July with a workshop scheduled for both the morning and afternoon.

Thank you so much Judy for sharing your insight into the beautiful world of penmanship!

To book tickets on one of Judy’s courses please visit Judy’s website and we look forward to hosting you here at Cutture!


Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture Calligraphy classes at cutture Cutture