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  • 23/02/17

Augmented reality within invitations

At Cutture we like to keep an eye on the latest technology in this ever growing digital world, that sounds strange coming from a company who primarily work with paper, but to stay ahead of our game, we have to work with it and embrace it to see how we can create something really special.

You have been reading about how we created some knock-out invitations for a collaborative showcase last year, entitled Wild Tonic, using our signature graphic design and laser cutting technology. We felt after the showcase there definitely needed to be a follow up with the attendees to thank them for coming and cement all of our names ‘on the map’ as this was a collaborative showcase with Private Drama, Last Supper, Larry Walshe and Wise Productions.

Augmented reality within invitations Cutture

As with previous years, Adrian of The Dreamcatchers filmmakers created a beautiful film recording the evening events and rather than simply e mailing the guests with a video clip, we thought it would be rather special to embed it within a paper offering and use their smart phone as the device to view it on. We have been wanting an opportunity to use augmented reality within an invitation for a while, so now seemed the perfect time.

How it’s done

We discovered that you need to download an app in order to make this happen, therefore we sent an e vite inviting guests to download the app ready for the post to arrive. Once you have the paper map, the app then enables you to view a film once you hover your device over the correct icons set up to view it, simple!

Augmented reality within invitations Cutture

As ever we had to still make the paper piece interesting, so we created an origami folding map of the venue, inserted the graphic icons we used throughout the evening as the indicator as to where to hold your phone to view, when you hovered your phone over those icons the film played a snippet of what happened in that room on the night of the event, clever hey!

Augmented reality within invitations Cutture

Augmented reality within invitations Cutture

We will be developing this idea further, working with the company who has created the app to create a bespoke Augmented reality experience for Cutture clients, watch this space..

We have already had enquiries into how this can be done for other events, there is a way to go before adding holographic augmented reality to paper, but it is coming and that will be really exciting. For now though this is a really interesting way to keep up with modern times yet still send beautiful paper invitations in the post.

You can see the lovely video of the evening here

Wild Tonic from Private Drama on Vimeo.

If you’d like to know more about this exciting feature please do e mail us enquiries@cutture.com and be one of the first to create augmented reality invitations for your marketing events.