Canary Wharf

A Christmas cracker that comes out every year. Created to follow the luxury brand guidelines, alongside playful elements of the developer’s portfolio laser cut as a gold paper crown inside.

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Creative Brief

The Canary Wharf Christmas cracker design derived from the original Cutture Christmas cracker card. The Canary Wharf group, property developer and investment and management giant, required a playful Christmas card which also conveyed the serious business that the brand is. This card uses the concept of a traditional cracker, spinning it on its head by branding it with luxury printing techniques and integrating a laser cut crown of the property group’s portfolio. An experiential piece, as the cracker ‘cracked’ open it released its imbued Christmas scent, and revealed the paper crown and engraved gold acrylic message inside. A true show stopper that no one could throw away.

Production Process

Christmas cracker ‘cards’  in Colorplan ebony foiled in gold. Tied at each end with custom printed black silk ribbon.

Crackers open with working ‘bang’, to reveal gold mirrored Perspex setting engraved with wording and holding laser cut custom paper ‘crown’ in metallic gold stock.

Packaged in custom ebony boxes with laser cut detailing to lid revealing metallic gold layer beneath.