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  • 06/07/16

Journal – The Workshop

Cutture Bureau

As we have the space on our new blog, we thought you might like to read all little about our developments at Cutture. We have such interesting spaces it feels a shame not to share our journal of the on going journey and this month is all about the new Sharnbrook laser cutting workshop!

If you are new to our brand, you may not know about our architectural background and the reason space is so important to us. Both Dominic and I were Interior architects by trade with previous business in architecture and architectural model making, in fact, between us we have modelled most of the new London you see today. Therefore when it comes to our own spaces, the space where we and the team create, they need to be inspiring and a beautiful place to come to work for anyone who works there.

The new Sharnbrook worksop is no different, we want to create a manufacturing space which, in time, is a place where clients will be invited to visit, we are immensly proud that we are manufacturing in the UK (even when it feels the tide is against us!) and it needs to be presentable for when clients do have a ‘factory’ tour much like London, the process for us, is just as important as the product. We will be incorporating our healthy ‘plant walls’ which we have in the studio in London to help omit the emissions from technology, as well as creating a smart industrial look to also work alongside our London ‘industrial chic’ studio.

Journal - The Workshop Cutture

Pinterest is as ever a great source of inspiration, our London studio also inspires the new workshop

Journal - The Workshop Cutture

Cutture London above

The beginning of a new era

In 2013 we created the above space in London, we have built these spaces ourselves, from an empty shell and even laid every.single.floor.tile in 2,500sq ft in London, so this is not new to us! This weekend we began the next build, another 2,700 sq ft blank space, this time an industrial unit aka, not so pretty. But we have made a start and we have a vision and we now have some walls! We are building in phases, phase one getting the basics of a kitchen, meeting space and office all self contained from the workshop. Light is an issue so we have created a pod like environment, using glazing to create internal windows through to the workshop and as a means to bounce light in. In time we will have  a mezzanine and dreams of bridge links across to finishing studios are there, but all in good time!

For now Dominic and our amazing carpenter, Lee have worked their socks off this weekend and the frame work to the spaces are there, now for the finishing and glazing to go in, we will keep you posted as to how things progress over the coming weeks, for now here are some snaps of how we’re getting on.

See you on the other side….

Journal - The Workshop Cutture