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  • 11/05/16

Cutture Laser Bureau Service

Trade laser cutting

We are so pleased to finally announce that Cutture is now offering a laser bureau service for trade orders. We can offer finishes in Cutting, Perforating, Engraving and Namecut, which we are most excited about as it brings personalisation to a whole new level. With capabilities of working with a variety of materials from paper and mylar (stencil material), to acrylic and wood, possibilities are now well and truly endless, please do take a read of the new Cutture Laser Bureau website for further information.

Why offer a trade service?

We have been asked on so many occasions over the years to cut items for trade, however, ultimately our current machines are not viable for cutting large volumes, great for our bespoke work, but not so much for cutting 1000’s at a time, they simply aren’t fast enough.

So for 2 years we have been working on a business plan to raise funds for a state of the art laser cutter, we have been in contact with the manufacturers in Germany for the whole time with Dominic making visits to Stuttgart to see the factory first hand where these incredible machines are made. We have thought long and hard about entering into this new realm, but in order for us to enter the retail market our work simply wasn’t viable with our current machines, so we have decided to go for it and the best part is that we now don’t have to send our work abroad to be cut, we keep quality control in house in our new Bedfordshire workshop.

The machine is so efficient that alongside cutting our own work for retail we are now capable of taking on large trade orders for print production, hence why we have now created a new website for trade orders only. Please do take a look at the new site and forward onto any print manufacturers or clients you may feel would benefit from the use of this incredible machine, referrals made from our current contacts will be offered a discounted price on your next bespoke order with us so please do leave your name with any referrals you make.

We look forward to working with you to now be able to offer you and your clients far more from Cutture and we will keep you updated on all retail developments as they launch.

For further information on the new laser cutting bureau service please visit Cutture Laser Bureau or e mail mail@cutturebureau.com


Cutture Laser Bureau Service Cutture

‘Our bureau service caters for all size of jobs from short runs through to production runs in the 100,000’s, with the main benefit being to the larger production runs. Our latest machinery is fully automated and sheet fed with the ability to print reference in a matter of milliseconds.’

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