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  • 01/02/17

GF Smith – The showspace

Last week we had the privilege of a guided tour of the new G F Smith show space in central London. It is everything you could imagine as a ‘retail’ space for this wonderful brand, and some.

GF Smith - The showspace Cutture

G F Smith, our primary paper suppliers, provide us with papers made in England or Europe from some of the oldest paper mills in the world. We are used to working with G F Smith on a trade basis where we get to know their wonderful consultants very well as they take such an interest in what we are doing with their paper, it’s a real partnership.

GF Smith - The showspace Cutture

As a brand they have been very clever in keeping true to the heritage and immense history of the company, but with a little help from the very talented Made Thought design agency, they are very much a modern, ahead of their game, brand using their papers to convey this in the most stunning ways, even their business cards are to die for. So to hear they were opening a show space meant essentially we now have a museum, retail space and exhibition space to learn all about their papers, heritage and what some of the good and frankly, great, are doing with their paper, from brands such as Mulberry to the likes of us and start-ups joining the retail world.

GF Smith - The showspace Cutture

Made Thought have created a space which shows off the G F Smith offering alongside their heritage in a very beautiful way, it is an exhibition, curated and fun but you know you are stepping into a serious brand who know everything there is to know about paper.

GF Smith - The showspace Cutture GF Smith - The showspace Cutture

We would thoroughly recommend a trip to Eastcastle street, there is the most stunning installation downstairs using Colorplan paper (most of our work contains colorplan) also designed by Made Thought, the installation features rolls of multicoloured paper in the form of an “undulating seascape” entitled ‘Tidal’.

We wish them the best of luck in this new venture and can’t wait to see what happens next.