Events at home

Let’s engage and excite again for your virtual events at home! As Zoom fatigue sets in, it’s time to create magnificent virtual events combining technology and the human touch…

By delivering a bespoke gifting experience which unravels within a timeline of the virtual event itself, we can create an experiential event at home – imagine…tantalise the senses with test tubes of food created by your caterers of choice, add floral displays to unravel and design with a live workshop from your favourite florist – maybe even incorporate Augmented reality to bring the box alive with amazing videography on-screen triggered by a tangible prompt in the box… the possibilities are exciting and captivating.

The vital criteria is to create the best experience your guests have had at a virtual event by merging technology and the tangible to create truly compelling virtual events.

Discuss Your Event Box

The Hamper to Delight the senses

The Luxury Experience

A truly memorable gift + experience in a hamper of surprises! Turn your virtual event experience into a gifting hamper at the same time. Let us create an entirely bespoke experience for your guests, with gifts to last way beyond the event itself. Sustainably produced with a view on longevity, we will create meaningful gifts for your clients that stand the test of time.

Sensory gifting

The Letterbox Experience

The cocktail letterbox gift to work alongside your virtual event – why not create a cocktail masterclass from a leading UK mixologist or catering workshop as part of your event line up, interact and delight.

Sensory gifting

The Letterbox experience

The floral masterclass – gift the flowers you would normally have had at the event, but let your guests be treated to a masterclass from a top UK florist as part of your event, ready for them to create an arrangement they get to keep and enjoy at home.