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  • 17/06/15

Inspired – City Chic

Inspired - City Chic Cutture

Events and weddings in the city are full of creative possibilities, using the backdrop you have been given being one major way to enhance any event. If the venue allows for a vista, work around that and style your decor from there, consider personalised table scapes or table plans reflecting the venue’s architectural plan, perhaps go all out on wall installations or hanging ceremony backdrops. Sleek and slick are generally the rules for a city event, as the attack on the senses is already high in a city environment. The power of bringing the outside in is also a good trick. If there’s a balcony, definitely use it. If you have access to the cities’ river, incorporate an experience for you and your guests. Possibilities in the city are endless!

Back in Cutture’s start up years we became quite renowned for our laser cut skylines, from wedding stationery to greetings cards, we have created a lot. One wedding had twelve different skylines just for the table numbers, so we have quite an archive. Our historical architectural background also plays a huge part in these designs as we know how to draw a technical drawing or two, but we feel it’s definitely worth incorporating the fabric of the building you have chosen for a city event as that contributes to the pure essence of the place you have chosen to celebrate in.

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Inspired - City Chic Cutture

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Inspired - City Chic Cutture Inspired - City Chic Cutture Inspired - City Chic Cutture Inspired - City Chic Cutture Inspired - City Chic Cutture   Inspired - City Chic Cutture