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  • 08/03/17

Journal – International Women’s Day

As I came into work this morning I’m reading all the social media posts about International Women’s Day, the whole movement is making me a little uncomfortable as it grows year on year, whilst I’m an advocate about the notion, I do feel we should be focussing on equality moreover feminism, it’s not exactly supporting towards men now is it?

I wrote this, but it was too long for instagram:

International Women’s day // I’m not so much about feminism, I’m about equality. Equality I’m passionate about, slamming men I’m not, I’ve come on a journey as a female business owner for sure, but there is another half of me on that journey and that’s the male part. I truly believe the world is a better place where men and women work together as equals, whilst I appreciate this still isn’t possible in so many cultures, organisations and even in the retailers who sell to our kids in gender-specific ways, not to mention the press obsessing over women’s hair rather than achievements (I’m looking at you Vogue featuring Emma Stone after Oscars nomination) – I think we should celebrate how far we HAVE come today.

I was fortunate to have been born into a family where the men, all of them, treat women as equals, nappies have been changed by men for generations alongside going to wars, entrepreneurialism and working damn hard to raise their families, but, they have all supported the female halves of the family along the way to work towards whatever venture we have chosen (my Mother was in the Wrens before having children) and also encouraged us to open a car bonnet and do some DIY, there’s no ‘blue’ and ‘pink’ jobs in our house. I’ve had a precedent from a Father who has only encouraged whatever path I’ve chosen to take, often through conversations whilst he washes up and I do the drying, I’ve found a husband who treats me as an equal, I don’t think that’s by accident. I have a brother who supports women and doesn’t even question what ‘women’ should or shouldn’t be doing in this world. My Father-in-law has worked with my Mother-in-law together running their business as equals with respect, boy has she had some shit to deal with in her generation when women running businesses were assumed to be the secretary (in fact she still get’s asked this now).

My point? Choose who you surround yourself with, I choose not to entertain friendships from men who don’t treat women as equals and therefore have a positive network in business and home, equally I’m not interested in hearing women slam their husbands or men in general, making a ‘them versus us’ culture, not interested. Dominic and I have worked in pretty hefty high business situations where he has sat alongside me as an equal, we have entered a very female-driven industry as part of Cutture and he has embraced it, we hire people based on their ability not gender and it’s not given a second thought.

So today, can we also support what we can achieve together, with our men, individually and EQUALLY, that should be the reality in this life where we live and have to function with both genders, focus on showing the next generation on how it CAN be done.

PS did I mention, we are exhibiting our new trade printing service at Print Week live today, the testosterone levels are huge so we are creating an equilibrium in industries we work in for Dominic now too, but I sure as hell love it when they see my head on the press release in such a male dominated industry 😉