'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit' Aristotle.

Cutture creates event stationery and accessories like no other. We understand what your event means to you, and our reason for being is to create bespoke pieces that you and your guests will never forget. From simply elegant to wildly creative, our team of artistic designers, plus our specialist laser-cutting service, produces hand-finished pieces that you will think of as works of art. We combine our creativity with a vital factor; you. You know your event better than anyone. We to listen to every detail, and whether you have clear ideas about how your event should look, or you are seeking inspiration, we can help.


A joint passion for excellence in design and architecture, and the challenge of pushing the boundaries of traditional event stationery and accessories led us to found Cutture. We handpicked inspired, imaginative designers and experienced, meticulous production staff, and began creating bespoke pieces, ensuring that each design is enhanced by the latest laser-cutting technology and hand-finishing. The result is exquisite invitations that people wouldn’t want to say no to, plus table decorations and accessories that maintain that excitement throughout the event. From our very beginnings we have focussed on producing exceptional work and customer service to match, and this remains our ethos today. Dominic and Helen Sharland

Meet The Team

Each member of our team shares the same goal; to give you an exceptional service from the first time you contact us, until your event takes place. You are supported through the design process by team members who are all brand ambassadors for Cutture. They strive to deliver the best design and service to meet your requirements, and will produce a stunning piece of emotive stationery for your event.


Having chosen laser cutting technology for a decade, it is safe to say we know how to get the best finish for each material that we use. Laser cutting is just one part of the final picture; each piece is then individually hand assembled and hand finished, layer by layer to create a detailed and impeccable piece of art.

Our chosen craftsmen bring the designs to life, their experience and attention to detail is second to none.


A selection of recent clients who have invested in exceptional stationery by Cutture for their events


Cutture is regularly featured in the most esteemed glossies to grace your coffee tables, both nationally and internationally.


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Be it for a wedding or corporate event we welcome you into our studio for your own discovery session to create the ideal invitation for your event. Investing in Cutture means you will have a piece of art to last a life time that will also ensure attendance to any event.

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Jasmin and Jan

“Thank you for the wonderful invitations you designed, we fell in love with them the moment we saw them and so did all of our wedding guests, we heard the sentence “most beautiful wedding invite I’ve ever seen” not just once!”