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Astonishing invitations for world class events

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Event Stationery

There is nothing we like more than creating show stopping invitations for outstanding events across the world.

We work together with event planners nationally and internationally, or with your event teams in house, to create an invitation that will deliver your brand message and ensure maximum attendance to any event.

Welcome to our world of pure imagination.

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Wedding Stationery

Bespoke wedding invitations created with only you in mind.

Come this way and tell us YOUR story, together we can create the most memorable invitation for you and your guests to keep for a lifetime.


A selection of recent clients who have invested in exceptional stationery by Cutture for their events

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Bespoke Christmas

Give the gift of a bespoke Christmas creation this year


Laser cutting service

Do you require a laser cutting service for large runs? Cutture Laser bureau offers a complete laser cutting service to trade.